Taco Lasagna

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Recipe obtained and modified from my fantastic friend Tanya to omit the spice. You can add it back in with adding red pepper flakes and using pepper jack cheese. My family does not handle heat well. (To keep flavor, I also used real veggies and not just dried spices! Huzzah~!) I can handle the heat how Tanya originally made it, but the family cannot, and this turned out just as tasty! I am ecstatic!

Let’s get started!

3/4lb lean ground beef (97%)
3/4lb ground beef (80%)
package of whole wheat tortillas
sour cream
corn (about 1/2 bag of frozen, I used white sweet.)
1 can of black beans
onion powder
garlic salt
red pepper (optional for spice)
enchilada sauce (red) (or optional spicy taco sauce. I know us wimps can handle the mild red enchilada sauce!!)
extra virgin olive oil
1/5 green bell pepper, minced
1/4 medium onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
Monterey Jack cheese (for optional spice, use pepper jack, is delicious!)

Time to cook!

I chose to first get my veggies ready, then I heated up my pan with a little olive oil.

After the pan was nice and warm, (okay, so water sizzled when I flicked it in) I mostly-cooked the veggies, adding some cumin and paprika to them. Next, add the beef and brown it, adding in more cumin and paprika, as well as oregano, garlic salt, and onion powder. You will also want to add some enchilada or taco sauce at this point, cook it in. (Don’t forget, please, that this is all to taste!)

Add about 1/4-1/3c of water. I used 1/4c, since I had used a mix of lean and regular ground beef. 🙂 I like me my beefy goodness! Keep tasting; I wound up adding salt, cumin, and paprika along with some more oregano.

Add in the can of (strained) black beans, and your desired amount of corn. (My mom really likes corn!)

Simmer a bit, keep tasting; I ended up adding more enchilada sauce.

Turn off the stove.

In your casserole dish:
Brush the bottom with olive oil. In order to fix the “bottom tortilla is hard” issue, I also added two generous dollops of sour cream mixed with enchilada sauce. Worked perfectly!!!

Cut some tortillas in half, line bottom of your casserole dish. (works well with any pan style! I had nice straight edges, woot! I think I used 4 tortillas per layer?)

Spread about 1/2 of your meat mixture on top. Pipe on some sour cream. Sprinkle with cheese (again, your choice…mexican mix, pepperjack, or monterey jack…). Add another layer of tortillas. Spread on the remaining half of your meat mixture. Sprinkle with cheese.

((Originally, I added sour cream at this layer, then sprinkled with cheese again. For future batches, I am omitting the sour cream and serving it a la carte because it looks funny. This also means the removal of the second layer of cheese on top, since it becomes kind of redundant, unless you REALLY like cheese.))

Now, you can either stick this directly in the oven, or cover and refridgerate for later.

In any case, oven needs to be headed to 350F. Bake 15-30 minutes or until cheese is melted and the casserole is cooked through.

Om nom nom! (See what I mean about the sour cream looking funny? I’ll just leave it baked in and for the top serve it cold lol)


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Man, I hadn’t had enchiladas in AGES, but I had a hankering. So, my mom has shared with me her relatively easy enchilada recipe she used to make when we were kids. (By we, I meant my sister and I lol)



oil (canola, corn…not olive)
corn tortillas
can of red enchilada sauce

Sour Cream
Can of refried beans

First, turn on the oven to 350. While it preheats, warm up the oil in a pan large enough for a tortilla (not frying hot, just enough to warm the tortillas.)

*When it comes to tortilla selection, you should go for the taco-sized thicker variety. Don’t go cheap. ^^.; (I learned this the hard way tonight lol)

Once the oil is warm, put in one tortilla at a time – just enough to darken it, to soak up a little oil. Have a paper towel ready, this goes pretty quickly.

Once the tortillas have been oiled (or as you went with a helper), add cheese and roll them up. (You can add chicken, or veggies, whatever you desire. Cheese is my favorite lol) Put the rolled tortillas in a flat glass baking dish (We used a 13×9).

Once the pan is full, pour the red enchilada sauce over them – don’t drown them. Use your best judgement. 🙂 Top with more cheese, then bake for about 15 minutes.

Pair with rice, beans, pico, whatever suits your fancy. ^__^. Add a dollop of sour cream and yum!
Relatively easy, no? 🙂

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Pork Tacos!

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(Recipes Below)

Tonight I made tacos – I’ve been craving tacos for a while, so I dragged my sister over to have tacos with Mom and I.

Yummy yummy pork tacos with onions, sour cream, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, and homemade guacamole and homemade salsa!

All of this makes about 8 or 9 tacos.

I love tacos!


Salsa Ingredients:
a squeeze of fresh lime juice
1 tomato, diced
1/4 large sweet onion, diced
1 large clove garlic, minced
pinch of kosher salt
a sprinkling of parsley or cilantro (Mom doesn’t like cilantro.)

Do all the dicing and mincing, then combine in a small bowl. Squeeze a little fresh lime juice, add a pinch of salt, sprinkle with parsley (or cilantro), and mix.


Guacamole Ingredients:
1 ripe avocado
a pinch of kosher salt
a squeeze of fresh lime juice
sprinkling of minced onion (the dried kind)
sprinkling of parsley (or cilantro)

Remove avocado insides, place in a bowl. Mash together with some minced onion, parsley (I prefer it here over cilantro, myself), the salt, and lime juice. It should be a little chunky still, I just used a fork lol.
Place in fridge with avocado pit on top until ready to use. Doesn’t keep well. Corn chips are handy.


Pork Tacos Ingredients:
4 pork chops, cubed into bite-sized pieces
1/4 large sweet onion, sliced
juice from 1/2 lime
kosher salt
garlic powder
lemon pepper
olive oil

Heat the skillet/pan with some oil in it, just enough to provide a little lube. Add the onions and pork to it.
Sprinkle once across the pan a pinch of kosher salt, lemon pepper, and the cumin.
Sprinkle twice across the pan paprika, parsley, and garlic powder.
Squeeze in the lime juice, and cook until done. It is utterly delicious!

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Chicken “Fajitas”

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So, I’ve been experimenting with new flavors.

What I wish I’d had:
~homemade salsa
~refried beans

What I did have:
~lemon pepper

I sliced two chicken breasts into strips and tossed them into a hot pan with some olive oil and onions.  I sprinkled both sides of the chicken with lemon pepper, garlic salt (a very little bit), garlic powder, cumin, paprika, and parsley.

Then I simply cooked it! I wish I’d had more onion, as well as the other goodies. 😦 But hey, this in tortillas with just a cheese or sour cream was really tasty! Would make a good taco filling, or chicken quesadillas!

Photo op!

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