Leather-Wrapped Jar

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I’d finished tooling my original design but it felt off to me… something was missing, so I held off on finishing.

Finally, I figured out what I wanted to do – more of the flowers, to help with the fantasy/spring theme that I had going.  So I modified the design of the flowers I have, and added 3 more branches.

Finished one branch of three, tooling-wise. 🙂 The rest of the detail will be done with color. I’m tooling these three branches lighter, as if they are in the background. 🙂

Whatcha think?!

Original Info posted from my DeviantArt:
So, for my leather guild, I am supposed to make a leather-wrapped jar. I am VERY behind in this! (sorry, Charlie!)

I was suffering from a total mental block for what to do.

However, I went to Wondercon last weekend and I met Peter S. Beagle… the man behind “The Last Unicorn”. (I hope he wins his case with Granada!!!)

I also got the first comic for The Last Unicorn from him, as well as a copy of the movie (can you believe it? my sister has never seen it! O_o.)


I wanted to do kind of do a jar with it.
I wanted to show the human side, and the unicorn side, in a perpetual sping (hence the lovely cherry blossoms). I did not match the hair styles – I wanted one to be softer, almost elusive, while the other is definitely stylized, harder, and concrete. Bwaha.

So I have a few elements here!

Unicorn is from the first comic of the The Last Unicorn.
The girl is Usagi, from the second SailorMoon art book http://mangastyle.net/book2/2-08.jpg I modified it a bit, but her look totally fits. I couldn’t resist!!!

The flowers are from http://winetta.deviantart.com/art/Silver-Legacy-ch-3-152851793  , who graciously gave me permission.
I am inverting the flowers, and carving the girl and the unicorn normally. I think that this will be fairly challenging for me, to be honest. There are alot of details that I can see in my head and cannot wait to do, but I am very worried that I will mess up!!

So, wish me luck! Details of the carvings to follow. ^,~.

PS: this jar is not for sale, I am not making any money off of it. To my recollection, these jars will be table decoration at the IFOLG show in Saint Louis this fall, and will be given away. :)


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