The Saddest Thing

December 14, 2010 at 1:45 am (Personal)

It’s December. To me, that’s Christmas. Family time. A time for decorating, for baking, for trying to get the cat to bat the bell around while also trying to keep it out of the tree.

I love family at Christmas. Heck, I generally like family any time.

But there’s something seriously wrong with families.

What happened to dinner? I see people piling int restaurants – sure that makes some sense, sometimes, that’s easier. (but not every night! Sheesh!) But in restaurants… they want to sit to see the TV.

But even worse is what I’ve been seeing, and saw a HORRIBLE case of the other weekend…

We were at Chili’s, my sister, grandmother, mom, and I, and we pulled out a cell phone a total of I think once.

A family was seated next to us. They came in, the three of them, mother, father, and daughter, each staring at their cell phone. They never talked to each other. They never even looked UP at each other.

They ordered. No “please”. No “thank you”. No eye contact, just mindless droning. The kid was sprawled all over the place, (And I mean like maybe 8, tops.) going “bloop bloop” and making annoying (to others) noises. Her parents didn’t bat an eye. She slurped and sucked on her beverage in such a way to make that god-awful sucking sound, the one that’s annoying and gross all at once.

Neither parent said anything. Mom and Dad (both overweight) were on their smart phones. Dad was reading, Mom playing solitaire.

Food arrived, the mom just nudged it out of the way and kept playing. They didn’t put their phones away to eat.

This family was barely there. They made my heart ache. How can you live like that?

There’s this person you married for love (I saw rings), but you’re not even looking at them. They’re just the person who happens to be sitting next to you.

There’s a child you brought into the world, and instead of teaching her, spending time with her, showing her love, you’re ignoring her.

That was so indescribably sad to me.


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