Project Runway Season 8

September 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Alright, so Mom got me into watching Project Runway last season… so here I am, watching it again.

Every season, the designers get a little more venomous, it seems.

But, really, this year… it’s the judges. They’ve gone from critical to outright bitchy, snarky… not to mention BLIND.

The main judge I have a problem with is Michael Kors. He’s rude, bitchy (in a bad way), snide, and a walking hypocrite. He’s judging women’s clothing… but he himself cannot make clothes to fit a woman well!

I mean, has he SEEN his clothing ON actual women? Non-models, I mean. Real people, the people who, supposedly, buy his clothing.

Probably not. His clothing is unflattering. It’s downright ugly. The lines are bad. The colors are awful. The constriction is terrible.

Project Runway, I think it’s time to open your eyes and get RID of the deadweight.

I don’t make clothes, but I’m good at art. I know lines. I know what’s pretty, what looks good.

Michael Kors… does not.


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