Baking With Callisto – Rainbow Cupcakes

August 4, 2010 at 2:36 am (cooking) (, , , , , )

So, my sister has gotten on a cupcake binge.
And it has tickled her fancy to make RAINBOW CUPCAKES! (Pretty!)

So this is copy-pasted from her livejournal post. 🙂 Enjoy!!

Rainbow Cupcakes!
So yesterday I made my first epic cupcake!  I made a rainbow cupcake!! Augh I can’t believe it worked!!

SO SIMPLE. I basically made a white cake (follow recipe from box; I suggest one that uses oil, water, and egg WHITES only because it is fluffier.) Then I separated the batter into 5 parts and colored each individually. (R,O,Y,G,B) and then put the batter in one at a time to layer them. The recipe should make 24 cupcakes but I opted for ginormous cupcakes and made 12. YUM!

The only things I would change in the future is I would either go for 6 colors and add purple, or maybe leave out orange and add purple instead. The other is that they look so exciting being all colorful, yes they were plain white cake with vanilla frosting.If you prefer some more flavor (though these were delicious) I would suggest maybe adding some extract to flavor them. Maybe almond?

I would definitely suggest these for making with kids or for kids if you have any, though all ages will enjoy:)

I’m so stoked that they turned out on my first try!!


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