Swimming! :)

July 16, 2010 at 3:38 pm (Personal)

So, today, I sucked it up and said “…. I am going to the pool!”

Swallowed the shyness, pushed away the nerves, and grabbed my swim suit ..

well… it’s really 2 pieces… a boy-short-ish bottom and a long top. So maybe it’s a tankini? The pieces aren’t a set, but they are both black.. the top has a plunge neckline with the straps held on by one gold ring per side.. so I got the bottoms that had gold and copper-toned (so sunblock pun intended) rivets on it.

So, in good news… I learned a few things… one, sunglasses would be good. I forgot them. Derp. Two, tie my hair back, like in a braid :), Maybe I should invest in a pair of cheap sunglasses I can swim with them on? Eh nah that’d be silly.

And third… Apparently, the thing to do is bring a book to the pool. Sorry, what? This totally goes against my “ways to do things”. Ah well. I may sacrifice one of my beaten-to-hell books that I used to keep on the bathroom window ledge…sorry, off topic.

I learned, walking up to the pool, that I don’t do well with flip flops. After my trip, I may just use my strappy sandals. They stay on my feet and don’t slip around as much… even tho I DO like my sparkly gold flip flips that match my gold accents and my goldenrod-colored pool towel. (That this is uber absorbent. Lovin’ it!)

As I came in sight of the pool, I saw they had a spa. How lovely, a hot tub! ❤

I picked myself out a nice sunny lounge chair, pushed away my dignity, shucked off my jeans, sandals, sweater, and glasses, and headed for the pool stairs.

The water was nice. Not warm, not cold, not freezing… but pleasant and cool. Not bad, since it was 61 degrees and windy!

I felt perfectly comfortable, sliding all the way into the water. It felt sooooo good.

As I started to swim, all I could think was “I earned this”. And I did.

It was wonderful! ^__^. I swam for half an hour, sat in the spa for 20 minutes, then spent the last 10 minutes drying in the sun.

Can’t wait for next week 😛


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  1. Cloney said,

    Sounds great to me! I haven’t gone to the public pool yet. It’s a few blocks from our house! It always seems over-crowded. We got a $20 pool from Walmart. It’s about 16″ tall and 8 foot in diameter. Works great for laying and soaking in cool water on a hot day. We sat in it last night for the first time!

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