Beef & Broccoli With Fried Rice

June 9, 2010 at 7:16 pm (cooking) ()

Yum yum yum!

I had two steaks that I needed to use,  and I am trying to avoid pasta as a side dish for a while (making easy stroganoff tomorrow night).


Beef & Broccoli Ingredients:
1 strip steak; have the butcher slice it horizontally if you want.
olive oil
worchestershire sauce

soy sauce
garlic powder
freshly ground black pepper
broccoli – I used frozen, microwaved til thawed.
1-2 pats of butter

Fried Rice:
bag of rice – i used boil-in-bag rice
some frozen peas
4-5 baby carrots, cut up
minced onion
1 egg
garlic salt
soy sauce

olive oil
fresh ground black peppersesame seeds if ya have ’em!

Alrighty. First, start the water for rice. Then I cut up the carrots, put them in some water with the peas, and microwaved for first 10 seconds, then 15. Then I just let the sit. I then put the frozen broccoli in a bowl with water, and nuked them for 1:30 and 1 minute as I sliced up the steaks into strips. (hahaha I stripped the strip steak… ok, not funny to anyone but me)

Once the water was boiling, I turned the heat up a little, and heated up the pan for the meat. Once it was hot, I poured in a little olive oil, tossed in the steak, the butter, some soy sauce (two rounds around the pan), and the worchestire sauce (once around the pan). I followed this with some garlic powder, and some pepper. (To taste. I enjoy me some steak!!)

When it was halfway done, I added the broccoli, stirred it up, then covered it.

When the rice was done, I put the rice bag in a strainer over the bowl I had used for the broccoli, and left the heat on.

Into the hot pot, I put a little bit of olive oil (vegetable oil works too.. I just like olive oil), and cracked in the egg. You need to stir quickly, keep it moving. Once the egg starts to scramble, quickly add the minced onion, carrots, peas (strain both…), a little bit of soy sauce, some garlic salt and ground pepper.

When the egg was cooked, I cut the heat, put in the rice, stirred in a little more garlic salt, soy sauce, and pepper.

As always, double-check that the steak is done and cut the heat.

Serve it up and enjoy!!!!
Pretty darn tasty. ^_^.


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