Rob-Style Chicken + Pasta with Cream Sauce

February 18, 2010 at 11:56 pm (cooking) ()

Alrighty, two recipes tonight. (I got paid and went shopping!!!)

The chicken recipe is fairly simple – we got it from a friend of ours named Rob. If it originated somewhere past him, I am unaware, so in our household, it’s Rob-Style Chicken!!!

Ingredients for Rob-Style Chicken:
1 chicken breast per person, thawed or fresh
miracle whip light (lite? how do they spell it on there?)
italian bread crumbs

Preheat oven to 350•F, and let it heat up for twenty minutes.
Now then, take some miracle whip light and a basting brush – I usually spoon the mayo into a seperate bowl first. (same with a larger bowl and some breadcrumbs…cross contamination is bad!)  And just paint it on. Not thick and gooey, but enough to hold on some breadcrumbs! About a tablespoon’s worth per breast, I think, is what it evens out to. Any excess will look globby, so just brush it off and use it on the next one!
Yes, all sides of the breast. I tend to touch the chicken with one hand, and use the brush in another so I have one raw-meatless-hand.
After it’s been mayo’d, roll it around in the bread crumbs… I just lay it on top, pat it, turn it over, pat it, then shake the bowl a little to get the edges.

Deposit the breasts in a baking dish and bake uncovered for 30 minutes!  Then serve and enjoy. (I usually let mine rest 2 min before serving, just to keep them JUICY!!!!)

Well, for a side tonight, I got some broccoli.. but I wanted something with a little more oomph, as well. Then I recalled “gosh, I have that penne pasta in the cupboard…eh….but I did spaghetti sauce recently…what would be tasty would be a nice cream sauce….OOOOH!”

And I remembered a semi-accidental-experimental creamy sauce Arlo and I made back in Saint Louis.

I think it’s perfected here, minus my want of an immersion or stick blender.
Creamy Sauce of Goodness Ingredients:
1 slice thick bacon (got mine at the butcher counter!), minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 small yellow onion, minced
pepper to taste (about 8 grinds freshly ground, coarse-fine.)
1/2 stick of butter
1/4 pint heavy (whipping) cream (I got a half pint but ended up only using half of it lol)
REAL parmesan cheese. The kind with a rind, comes in wedges or blocks…parmigiano reggiano is what I got. a little expensive but it tastes GREAT! when you open your cheese, I recommend you try a little piece of it, see how REAL cheese tastes.

olive oil
2 large mushrooms, or 3 medium ones, or 4 small ones, minced.

First, get a medium pot, turn the heat on medium, and toss in the minced bacon (before it’s hot). While it’s cooking up, stirring occasionally, and mince up those yummy garlic cloves! Now toss those into the pot, stir a bit.
Now go mince up that onion, (yes, stir the pot a bit as you go. no burning!) and add it in!
Same for the mushrooms… add a LITTLE bit of olive oil. Really, you just want the flavor, not really for cooking liquid – bacon fat is good for that!

Cook down the mixture with about 4 grinds of pepper (it will smell mostly bacony, but also delicious!) until the mushrooms are browned. Now, add in half a stick of butter. Cold is fine, I just cubed it first to melt faster.

Let it cook for a while (yes stir it) while you break down some cheese!

Parmesan is a hard cheese, so you will need a sharp knife, or just break it off in chunks with a fork.  My knife was PLENTY sharp.

Cut off from the wide end about an inch and a half in towards the tip. Basically, the rind + extra. Yes, you want the rind. It’s incredibly flavorful.  Now that you have that awesome chunk of cheese, cut the cheese off of the rind – cut the cheese up a bit – then toss the cut cheese and the rind into the pot. Don’t cut up the rind tho – It wont melt all the way so it’s easier to fix out later if it’s in one big piece!!

Once the cheese has started to melt, get that cream out. If you are NOT a fast stirrer, you will need to temper as you go. Alton Brown has several awesome tips for it, I’m sure you can google Alton Brown tempering and find it if you need it.

Alright, fast stirrers. Start stirring the sauce, and slowly, carefully, pour in the cream. Just a little bit. I tend it have it hit the spoon but that’s me lol.  Keep working it in.. pour it in AS YOU STIR…stir til it’s mixed in.. add a little more… and so on. Add some more pepper (this can be adjusted to your tastes… 8 grinds was excellent for me.) And keep stirring.

After the cream’s in, give it a few minutes to flavor up, then taste it. It should taste a little sweet, a little savory, with a nice hint of cream and parmesan. Not thick and cloying, just a nice balance. I ended up adding a little more cheese to mine lol.

Once it tastes how you want it, you can add pasta to the boiling water. (I started my water when I started my sauce.) Yes, KEEP stirring as you cook those noodles!
IF you have a stick (or immersion) blender, fish that rind out and blend the sauce (don’t use a nonstick pan for this…might scratch it!)!!!! If you don’t have a blender, that’s fine it tastes AMAZING chunky, too!!

I poured it over the cooked and drained noodles, mixed them up, and then served it. YUMMY!


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  1. pooftacular said,

    I have to stop reading your blog lol – my stomach is growling like crazy now! Sounds very tasty!

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