Mmm, Chicken.

January 21, 2010 at 8:36 am (cooking) (, , )

I’ll update this later, since it’s only marinating at the moment.

Tonight is chicken night. And I didn’t know what I wanted to make. As usual, this led to me raiding the cupboards in search of inspiration. We’ll see how it tastes later lol.

I wound up making a marinade!

Chicken Marinade
2 boxes apple juice (just enough to cover 3 chicken breasts)
garlic+herb mrs. dash
lemon pepper

I put the chicken breasts in a large ziplock bag – I got them fresh from the butcher counter, who put them in a plastic bag, then wrapped it in paper, so I was REALLY easy and tidy to just upend the plastic bag into the ziplock bag – no mess! no chicken fingers!

I poked the straw hole in both juice boxes – in hindsight, I probably should have just opened a flap up for pouring – and squeezed them into the bag. Yes, I like apples with chicken.  🙂

Next, I added alot of salt (over a tablespoon). Alot of pepper (about a tablespoon). Several shakes of lemon pepper (no idea how much – til standing over the bag at waist height I could smell a hint of lemon). Several shakes of garlic+herb mrs. dash (no idea! 😀 til the scent of the bag smelled YUMMY!).
Then I closed it up (but not carefully enough lol, I spilled a bit when squeezing air out haha), carefully took out as much air as I could.  This was followed by me gently shaking it up to mix it. (and cleaning up my spill!)

It’s currently in the fridge in a pie dish (just in case the bag leaks or something.), and I am going to flip it over at 2. (it was 8 when I put it in there.) I shall update you all with the rest of the meal later, as well as results. ^,~.  Can’t decide between green beans, or carrots with honey-clove mustard. I don’t really want to do a LOT of work on dinner – it’s raid night. ^,^. (Hmm. I could possibly bake carrots…? We shall see!!)

It was delicious!! Took 50 minutes at 350. Omnomnom!!

For a side dish, I decided on carrots.

So, they’re sitting a baking dish, covered with tinfoil right now. It’s raid night, so I want everything ready to be stuck into the oven. ^__^
Once again, this is me being random, so… I’ll have to tell you later how it is.

Katie’s Baked Carrots:
5 baby carrots per person (tis what I have on hand.)
olive oil
lemon pepper

Well, I mixed up the glaze or whatever you want to call it, then poured it over the carrots and rolled them around in it. As follows: Honey, about enough to cover the bottom of a drinking glass. Mustard, just a little bit. Maybe about a teaspoon or so. You want to be able to smell both honey and mustard. (I wish I’d had orange blossom honey, but it’s clover.  Still tasty!) Follow this with a small splash of olive oil. Careful, it may rush out of the bottle, so maybe pour it into a seperate thing first?

Then I added in: 2 grinds salt. 4 grinds pepper. 4 taps ground ginger. 2 taps ground cloves, 2 hearty taps of lemon pepper. I added the lemon pepper for a citrus zing, and to help it meld with the chicken.  And by taps, I mean “hold the spice jar on it’s side, not at an angle, and tap your finger on the jar.”

I mixed it up very well, and then poured/rolled carrots in it. It’ll work for a good number of carrots, I think… I’m serving 3 so it’s 15 carrots, and I had enough for maybe 10 more.  I mean, you don’t want to DROWN the carrots.

I’m going to bake them for 30 minutes at 350 with the chicken (in their own dish, covered) later. For now they are sitting there to get “happy” and to go from fridge temp to room temp.  Is room temp important? Prolly not.  I just didn’t want to refridgerate the dish and then put it in the oven and explode. >,<.

THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!!!! 50 minutes at 350 degrees will do it.

All in all, YUMMY!!!! I’d definitely do it again, with maybe a tad more salt on the chicken. 🙂



  1. pooftacular said,

    Does chicken have to be thawed in order to marinade it? I tend to buy the frozen bags of chicken thighs and will bake them all on a cookie sheet (on top of foil). But I just put herbs on the top and pop ’em into the oven. I think a marinade would make them taste even yummier.

    • dragoon811 said,

      I prefer to used thawed chicken.. the point of a marinade is to seep into it. You can always run them under lukewarm water for 15minutes or so. And yes, running water. 🙂

      • pooftacular said,

        I’ll try it then when I snag some more chicken 🙂 Trying to see how long I can go before having to go to the grocery store again.

      • dragoon811 said,

        You really shouldn’t go too long. Given a choice, I’d rather go 2-3 times a week to get fresh items.

        Like, milk. Veggies. Fruits. Meat.

        Sure, I think people should keep some frozen veggies/meat on hand “just in case”… but fresh items are, ultimately, better for you. 🙂

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