Ah, sweet wishes…

December 27, 2009 at 7:38 pm (Personal) ()

So today my mom and I went to an open-air mall. How lovely!! It was a bit brisk, and we had a great walk!! Went into a furniture place that was a combination of Ikea and Cracker Barrel… but all the furniture was so low to the ground! I think it’s for hobbits.

Went  into a Teacake Bake Shop – really cute! Had me a pink velvet cupcake. I wanted to try a vanilla one, but it had bourbon in it. (me + sulphites do NOT mix well lol)

Browsed through Pottery Barn, made conversation, looked at the shinies…

and then I saw it.

A Williams-Sonoma store.

For those of you who don’t know what this glorious store is…. it’s a store with cookware. Knives, pots, pans, books, all sorts of neat toys… Be still my beating heart!!!  I could spend hours in that store. I could spend millions in that store.

Oh, such LOVELY toys!!! My mom has like 5 knives I like to use, and that’s only because they’re the best of what she has (she didn’t cook at home much)…

But…the wall of cutlery…oh my god so BEAUTIFUL!!! *cries tears of joy* I saw a knife (set) I really REALLY liked… a Shun Kaji block set would be nice..but it’s $1300!!!!! *falls over in shock* I could settle for the 3-piece set (only a whopping $430), or, heck, one knife alone (like the 6in chef’s knife *swoon* for a mere $190)…

I think I will have to save up and dream… oh, it is gorgeous~!!

We did end up getting some measuring spoons (mom doesn’t like hers), and some tongs that actually work. Not bad, for like $30 of stuff, really…

A girl can dream…and I definitely am.


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