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December 21, 2009 at 11:59 pm (cooking, Personal) ()

Alrighty, so, I love to cook.


I’ve been having fun, making food for my mom and sister and me. 🙂 I love to cook so very very much!!!!!!!! My problem? I go by “a dash of….” “a pinch of…” “shake some…” lol. Cooking is an art. Baking is a science.

So let’s see…. I made spaghetti the first night. 🙂 Kinda mutated my friend Lori’s sauce recipe lol.


Spaghetti Sauce:
1 cereal bowl of sliced mushrooms. (about 2/3 a container.)
1/3 sm/med onion, chopped
1 baby carrot, minced
1 can tomato sauce
1 can diced tomatos
1/2 SMALL can of tomato paste
garlic salt to taste
garlic powder to taste
pepper to taste
oregano to taste
1/2lb ground beef.

Cook up the mushrooms, onions, and carrot first with a little olive oil. Add SOME garlic salt and garlic powder now.
Once those are delicious, add the beef. Mmmm. More garlicy goodness and pepper.
Once the meat is cooked, add the tomato sauce, paste, and diced tomatos. (Save the other half of the can of paste by wrapping the paste in cling wrap and freezing it. Epic.) – Might need to use a whisk to help the paste get happy with the rest of the sauce.
Simmer it up, addng the oregano and more garic POWDER to taste.
Let it simmer as long as you’d like, then pour over spaghetti. Maybe slather up some french bread with butter and garlic salt, and a little parmesan cheese, then let it warm in the oven for a tasty garlic bread!!!!!


The second night I made Salisbury Steak (kinda bastardized) with kraft mac’n’cheese and left over warm buttered french bread.

Salisbury Steak
1/2lb ground beef, turned into 3 patties
1/3 container mushrooms
some onion, chopped
salt and pepper to taste

Kraft Mac’n’Cheese has directions on the box. No, really. It does.

Alrighty. I made up the patties first, seasoning them with salt and pepper. Then I put them in the oven on warm with the buttered bread.
Then I sauteed the mushrooms and onions.  Then I looked in the cupboard – uhoh, no brown gravy mix. No beed stock. So I wound up using water and flour with the meat drippings. So the sauce was a tad weak, but it worked out really well…. especially since the power went off JUST as I finished cooking!!! YIKES!!!!! But hey, dinner by fireplace was fun.


Well that went well…but mom was low on cupboard contents. She didn’t cook at home much before her own personal chef moved in!!!
So I decided to raid the freezer.

I found pork chops!! pork chops! Excellent!! But, oh, what to do…..? Aha! Playing with stuff is fun. 😉

Cranpom Pork Chops
3 defrosted pork chops. It helps.
Cranberry Pomegranate juice. I used OceanSpray but thats what I had lol.
Pepper to taste!

Start up your cooking pan. No, go turn it on. Now once it’s a liiiiiitle bit warm, use a tiny bit of olive oil on the pan, moving it around for some cover. Sweet.
Add the pork chops to the warm pan, add some pepper.. how much? Not a ton, unless you LOVE pepper. Think about the taste. It’s there to temper the sour/sweet of the juice with a little more bite, so don’t go overboard. I did I think about 6 grinds over 4 chops… Pour in some juice. Yes, some juice. Told you, fail measurements. Think about just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. That worked well.
Once that side is cooked, I flipped them and added more pepper and about the same amount of juice. And cooked that side. I kept cooking them on low-medium heat until they were fully cooked, and just picking up a little brown color. Not alot…most if not all of the juice cooked away. Kind of a shame, if there’d been more I would have made a sauce!!!! But, oh well. 🙂

These were really REALLY good. Like, omnomnom delicious. With the side dish, carrots, was almost like thanksgiving again..mmm. So yummy. I really suggest these chops. So GOOD!!

For my sides, I used leftover spaghetti sauce with 1/3 box penne pasta I found in the cupboard. For a veggie, I made… CARROTS!!

Katie’s Yummy Carrots
some baby carrots…I counted 6 per person.
ground clove
ground ginger

Get a pan. Add carrots. I drizzled in a little honey. Yeah more measurements by Katie. 🙂 You want just a sweet hint. For 3 people’s worth of carrots I think it was maybe just about a tablespoon of honey? I just upended the bear and squeezed.
Stir the carrots a little.
Now. SPRINKLE A PINCH EACH OF CLOVE AND GINGER. Just a pinch. A tiny bit. Those spices go a LONG way but smell DELICIOUS. Cover and cook til the pork chops and pasta are done, stirring occassionally. I used a low-med heat and they came out soft yet firm, with a great smell and light taste.


Enjoy the yummies!!! All I got for ya this past week. Tonight is garlic shrimp with broccoli…. huzzah!!



  1. pooftacular said,

    Hurray my cloney has a blog now too! And it’s a cooking blog!!

    I just watched Julie and Julia the other day. Your blog kind of reminded me of that movie. Only that they’re both cooking blogs…but still! Cute movie – it was ok.

    I’ll try some of your recipes sometime!

    • dragoon811 said,

      lol well… kind of a cooking blog. I’m odd like that.

      It is a cute movie. I saw it in the theatres. ^__^.

      Go for it! I love to cook… I guess this is mostly a keep-track-of-recipes thing? No idea.

  2. koni said,

    Great post. I love the style, it is entertaining and engaging. Please post the fried rice after you get done with it.


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